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If you service your car regularly in line with recommended servicing intervals you are much less likely to incur costly repairs in the future as servicing can catch component issues early on before they become a problem. This not only saves you money and helps avoid potentially dangerous issues with your car but it also helps to extend its lifespan considerably.

Servicing should not be confused with an MOT. An MOT test is required by law and assesses whether you car meets the basic criteria to be deemed safe to drive on the road at the time of test. A service, however, is a much more comprehensive check of your car’s vital components and goes far beyond an MOT test.

At Days Garage Edenbridge Station Road, our servicing can be done to manufacturer specification, identical to main-dealer servicing or to our own service levels based on our own appraisal of your particular car’s needs. For the latter, we may advise an interim or full service depending on what is most suitable for your car. You can find out more about all of our servicing levels, including manufacturer specification here.

Below is a sample checklist of what may be involved in an interim or full service, depending on your car’s individual needs:


Interior Checks

  • Check dashboard warning lights
  • Check horn operation
  • Check wiper operation

Exterior Checks

  • Check windscreen
  • Check mirrors
  • Check exterior bulbs
  • Check tyres
  • Check front brakes
  • Check front suspension
  • Check steering system
  • Check front wheel bearings
  • Check exhaust system

Under the Bonnet

  • Check and top up windscreen wash
  • Check and top up power steering fluid
  • Check and top up anti-freeze
  • Check and top up brake fluids
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check timing belt

Final Checks

  • Stamp Service Book
  • Reset service light
  • Final road test


Includes all items from our interim service, plus:

Interior Checks

  • Check seat belts
  • Check seats are secure

Exterior Checks

  • Check all tyre condition pressures and treads (including spare)
  • Check wheels
  • Check of brake system including discs, pads, calipers, cables and hoses
  • Check of suspension system inlcuding shocks, ball joints and arms
  • Check of steering system including rack, arms and pump
  • Check drive shaft
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check gearbox condition and fluid
  • Check chassis condition

Under the Bonnet

  • Check all fluid caps and seals
  • Check auxiliary drive belt
  • Check for knocks / noises in engine bay
  • Check and test battery
  • Check engine coolant
  • Check all hoses
  • Check radiator and road fan
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace pollen filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check for fuel leaks

Final Checks

  • Lubricate door and bonnet hinges
  • Clean engine cover

To find out more about our Car Servicing in Edenbridge, get in touch online or call us directly on 01732 496959

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